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Remote Messages 2

Remote Messages 2Have you ever thought to yourself, why does the message app in OS X (iMessage) not support writing SMS messages to the ones you know, who hasn’t got an iPhone. Well because its Apple, and Apple thinks it’s your mission in life to get everyone around you to get an iPhone.

Since thats an impossible task, thankfully some clever developers have found a way to solve this. It’s called Remote Messages, and version 2 with full iOS 6 support, have been available for some time now. The only drawback is that it requires a jailbroken iPhone, but that’s how you get all the cool tweaks for iOS anyways.

It works by starting a web service on your phone, on a port of your choosing. Then it’s just connecting to your phone, via its Wi-Fi IP address in a browser (your current IP is display in the settings menu for remote messages on your iPhone) and then your good to go. You could make this easier to remember, by reserving an IP in your DHCP service on your router. So it’s iMessage just better, and it works on all platforms.¬†With a price tag of 2.5$ on the Cydia store, what’s your excuse?