SIDPLAYIf you like me sometimes find yourself wandering down memory lane, remembering all the hours playing C64 and Amiga, SIDPLAY is the application for you. With a friendly iTunes (old) like layout, and the buildin funktion to download a collection of 43116 SID files, this will set you back a total of 80MBs.

Thats not much for about 3 month of continues music, oh and you can get it here totally free ūüôā


Advanced Wi-Fi info

ImageEver needed detailed information about your Wi-Fi connection? Which channel, band, or connection rate? Well as it turns out, even though there’s an app for that, it’s also build right in to OS X. All you need to do, is hold down the ALT key, while pressing the Wi-Fi icon, and BOOM! there’s you info.

It also shows the mac-adresse of the AP you are connected to. This can some in handy, if your are on a large network with many AP, broadcasting the same SSID.

RSSI is the value for signal strengh, and MCS index is a very advanced way of showing you, the current connection type to the Access Point. More info on this here.

The backdoor in OS X

Single User ModeAlot of people password protect their macs, and for good reason, however there is a buildin backdoor if you forget your password on a mac and its called Single User Mode.¬†To get to single-user mode, hold down the command/cmd (cloverleaf) and “s” keys as the system begins to boot. This will drop you into a command line interface before the system has fully started up, giving you the chance to check/repair things before the normal OS X GUI environment starts up. What baffels me the most is, that it doesn’t requere a password.

Now your are free make the hack:

mount -uw /
rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone

This will make OS X believe, that the next time it boots it’s first boot, and let you create an¬†administrative acount.

To prevent people from using this backdoor enable firmware password on your mac. This i done by booting into recovery mode, pressing CMD+R at startup and when started, click the Utilities menu and select “Frimware Password Utility”. This also prevents thieves from ¬†reinstalling your mac, if stolen, because they will have to type the password to boot into either OS X, recovery or Windows for that mather.

Forklift 2 – The best Total Commander alternative for mac

ForkliftIf you love Total Commander on the windows platform, Forklift 2 is the closest thing out there, for the mac platform. It has AFP/SMB/FTP/SFTP/Amazon S3 and WEBDav support, and you can queue file transfers of all kinds. The multi-rename tool is also a really nice features, that can save you a bunch of time. There’s customizable keyboard shotcuts for everything, and a commander template if you’re a Total/Norton Commander fan.

Get it here

Disable bouncing dock icons

I know what your thinking, can’t this be done in system settings? Well yes and no, you can disable the bouncing icons at application launch, but every time a programs wants your attention, it’s icon starts bouncing. This can be a little annoying, and to disable bouncing icons all-together type the following in the terminal:

defaults write no-bouncing -bool TRUE
killall Dock

This willl disable it, and restart the dock to apply the changes.

Remote Messages 2

Remote Messages 2Have you ever thought to yourself, why does the message app in OS X (iMessage) not support writing SMS messages to the ones you know, who hasn’t got an iPhone. Well because its Apple, and Apple thinks it’s your mission in life to get everyone around you to get an iPhone.

Since thats an impossible task, thankfully some clever developers have found a way to solve this. It’s called Remote Messages, and version 2 with full iOS 6 support, have been available for some time now. The only drawback is that it requires a jailbroken iPhone, but that’s how you get all the cool tweaks for iOS anyways.

It works by starting a web service on your phone, on a port of your choosing. Then it’s just connecting to your phone, via its Wi-Fi IP address in a browser (your current IP is display in the settings menu for remote messages on your iPhone) and then your good to go. You could make this easier to remember, by reserving an IP in your DHCP service on your router. So it’s iMessage just better, and it works on all platforms.¬†With a price tag of 2.5$ on the Cydia store, what’s your excuse?

Sublime Text 2

Sublime Text 2This may just be the best text editor for the mac platform. It has nice layout, and it’s jam-packed with features, but does this without being bloated. To name a few “Distraction Free Mode”, “Multiple Selection” (Which lets you editor 10 places at once and see the result instantly), Custom any keyboard shortcuts per file type. It also auto saves your document if you just quit the program, without bugging you to name the file, and it’s one of the few good text editors that’s retina compatible.

Get the app here